Our Site is still under construction...more to come
We welcome all questions relating to Equine dentistry.  Contact Joel at 410-259-1301  he will gladly answer those questions  for you.
We live in Westminster, Maryland , we  provide our services  to Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida..
Give us a call and we will see if we can help you with  your needs.  We do charge an extra  fuel charge for work outside a 50 mile radius unless we already have horses scheduled in the area. 
We have created this site to inform horse owners of the importance of proper/routine dentistry.  It is important not only for your horse's overall health but, also for your equine partner's overall attitude and performance.
As you navigate through our site our goal is to answer your questions about  your horse's dental care.
Friendship Equine Dental Services, LLC
Joel T. Nupp,EqDT
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Insuring your horse is a healthier and happier  partner

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